Shopper Specials/Presale Shopping

We love to offer special incentives to our shoppers! During the weeks leading up to the sale, we will be holding contests, offering incentives, and offering you an opportunity to help promote our event. So be watching our pages on Facebook. We have both an Event Page and a regular page for general announcements and feedback.

  • A limited number of presale passes are available for a minimum donation of 5.00, and spaces are limited! You have a chance to earn a discounted pass, or a free pass (work). All of the monies collected from presale passes will be donated to a cause that will be announced. We will not keep ANY of the money for business use.
  • We always add one special group of invited shoppers, which is announced shortly before each sale. This sale we welcome foster parents and families of disabled children.  Spaces are limited. Watch for posts on our Facebook page for shopper incentives!
  • All items are full price until Saturday, when designated items are discounted 50%!
  •  We will offer both a one-day ($5) and a two-day ($10) presale shopping pass . The two-day pass includes presale shopping before the opening sale day, as well as presale shopping before Sat, our discount day! We are creating a link to make it easy for you to obtain your pass and will post it here soon!